As a multi-instrumentalist who enjoys playing different styles of music I have found myself drawn into the theatre, particularly the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre where I have been involved in at least fourteen productions including working as MD. I have also performed in Restoration plays at the National Theatre, pantomimes at the Everyman, Cheltenham and community theatre with Theatre-in-the-Downs. I composed and perform the music for "Scarecrow" which is still in repertory with AJTC theatre company.

I have featured on BBC radio plays and documentaries as a fiddle-player and ballad singer, and in Peter Ackroyd's "Biography of London" for BBC TV I am on screen fiddling whist London burns; for BBC4’s TV programme "The Medieval Mind" I played Jimi Hendrix’s "Purple Haze" on the rebec, backed by Renaissance violin and tenor viol!

Watch Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” with Sharon Lindo on the Rebec

I am experienced and comfortable appearing on stage amongst the actors and regularly take on small acting roles.

I play a range of historical instruments up to a high standard and have useful vocal skills. The following instruments have all been played by me for theatrical productions.

The Instruments
Strings:  violin/viola, Baroque/ Renaissance violins, rebec, medieval fiddle, viol, classical guitar
Wind: recorders, shawms, curtal, crumhorns, rauschpfeife, medieval bagpipes, trombone, 3-holed pipe and tabor
Percussion: including 2-stick drumming